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I guess this is where I tell you how great a photographer I am. Well I am not going to say that. There are many great photographers who's work I admire. I strive every day to become one of those guys. I work hard at producing images and art that anyone would display in their home, office, or simply showing off to friends and family.

Studio23B provides more than just images, we provide an experience. From the first time we talk to you to the day your order is delivered, I promise you will have a great time.

This is Chris, a co-owner of Studio23B. My wife, Michelle, and I run Studio23B, a full service photography studio. Michelle loves working with children to capture those all to quick moments with the little guys. She has been working on her craft for 6 years and she definately has an eye for it. Her work is amazing and I am blessed to have her by my side.

I decided to focus my work on the Senior side of photography. Working with Seniors I can be as creative as my imagination allows. Seniors bring energy, ideas, and a youthfulness to the shoot that can not be explained. High School Seniors, whether they know it or not, are in the most exciting time of their lives. Each step brings them closer to next stage in life where work, resposibilities, and being an adult takes over.

Now is the time to still be a Teen, Have fun, be crazy, and enjoy life. Come shoot with us and I can promise you will have fun, be crazy and enjoy the shoot.